CoreTel's Managed Modems are easily deployed allowing your ISP to make the transition effortlessly by porting your existing numbers. You can also authenticate by DNIS or realm. And we can bill on a per hour or per port basis - saving you money! Switch to CoreTel's Managed Modems today and save up to 35% on fixed Telco costs!

BENEFITS of Coretel's Managed Modems over PRIs

  • Variable cost vs. fixed cost - pay only for what you use
  • No capital infrastructure investment
  • No Telco provisioning/decommissioning
  • Uses your radius settings
  • Dedicated IP DNS pools available with your forward/reverse
  • IP bandwidth included
  • CoreTel inventories trunk capacity to meet your "no busy" promises


  • Supports v.92 modems
  • Proxy by DNIS
  • Port your existing or realm numbers
  • LATAwide coverage
  • Unique phone numbers provided to each customer