Wholesale VoIP Services

CoreTel offers a variety of services geared to VoIP Carriers, including SIP Origination, SIP Termination, Instant Number Provisioning and Vanity Number Provisioning. With connections to RBOC, ILEC, and RLEC rate centers throughout the Mid-Atlantic, CoreTel can provide VoIP solutions to your service provider at reduced costs.

Our Wholesale VOIP Services include:

  • SIP Origination
  • SIP Termination
  • Instant Number Provisioning
  • Vanity Number Provisioning
  • XML API or Web Provisioning
  • Directory Listing Support
  • CNAM and LIDB Support
  • IP Telephony

IP Telephony

Leveraging voice and data convergence, Coretel offers tailored telecommunication services to VoIP service providers, Carriers, ISPs and ASPs. As a CLEC specializing in IP applications for over 13 years, Coretel can provide ample, reliable capacity and support to your high volume VoIP network.

SIP Origination & Termination

Through our infrastructure of media gateways and redundant soft switches, as well as proprietary call routing software, Coretel can provide both easy provisioning and high volume call support, all aggressively priced on a wholesale only basis. Our growing network encompasses over a thousand rate centers, including RBOC, larger ILEC, and smaller RLEC rate centers. We are the first and only CLEC licensed to operate in 30+ RLEC territories in Pennsylvania.

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Instant Number and Vanity Number Provisioning

CoreTel is proud to offer Instant Number and Vanity Number Provisioning. Through the use of a web- or XML-based API system, we can automatically and instantly provision numbers from our inventory of more than a million NANPA numbers.