About Us

CoreTel Communications is the parent company of a network of wholly owned Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) and a telecommunications services company, Ton 80 Communications. Our company history dates back to 1997, making us one of the nation's first CLECs.

Through multiple CLEC subsidiaries, CoreTel terminates telephone traffic to Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) in our "on-net" footprint in the mid-Atlantic and terminates telephone traffic nationwide through our "off-net" least-cost routing engine.

The core leadership team boasts over 100 years combined industry experience. Our founder, Bret Mingo, remains at the helm of a long-term team and its expanding foundation of technical expertise and valuable relationships.

We take advantage of several decades of telecom experience to solve today's telecom challenges. Simplified processes and person-to-person relationships are among our most important values, and they are the keys to our continued growth and success.

Why CoreTel

The best partners are meticulous about technology and delivery yet focused on stress-free implementation and real relationships. That's who we are. CoreTel is nimble and responsive, providing seamless provisioning that fits your unique needs. Resellers, hosts, and service providers looking to scale up or simplify call on us for customized solutions, smooth delivery, and very little bureaucracy.

Controlling our footprint throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond helps reduce your costs, while our strong buying power in our off-net footprint lets us offer price-competitive products nationwide.

Through our infrastructure of media gateways and redundant soft switches, as well as proprietary call routing software, CoreTel can provide both easy provisioning and high-volume call support, all aggressively priced on a wholesale-only basis.

Our growing network encompasses over one thousand rate centers, including RBOC, larger ILEC, and smaller RLEC rate centers.